What We Do

A Full Service Story Studio

Whether producing video, podcasts, blog posts, content for webinars, or social content, web.isod.es always starts by finding and developing your compelling, authentic story. From there, we produce content in the format that serves the story, your audience, and your goals the best – from traditional media to emerging and immersive technology. For some examples of our video work, visit our YouTube page.

Social Stories and Virtual Campfires

Online content has become a new virtual “campfire” for today’s community-based dialogue, and people are gathering around it to learn, explore and share stories about the communities affecting their lives. We work with our partners to develop the stories that fuel those campfires.

“Treat Stories Like an Asset, Not an Expense.”

Andrew Davis advises organizations to “stop thinking of content as a campaign or a marketing expense, and start investing in it as intellectual property.” We help develop stories that can cost-effectively and consistently produce fresh, compelling content that continue to engage audiences over time.

Social Content Mapping & Promotion

We have developed powerful tools to manage multi-channel storytelling, including methods to help drive discoverability, engagement, sharing, and conversion. We also offer integrated media planning and buying through the major social networks and advertising platforms.

User Experience Design (UXD) For Stories

At web.isod.es, we believe that each story is part of a ‘continuum of User Experience’ and that everyone who experiences a story on the Web is arriving from somewhere, and is going somewhere after the experience.

In order to craft the most effective story, we employ User Experience Design (UXD) techniques so the viewer’s goals and expectations are met by the story, and the experience is valuable to your organization.

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