The Storyteller's Notebook

Blank Page, Fresh Start

Many people know the origin story of, and that it was based on the vision that someday video would be both affordable and ubiquitous (for those who don’t know our story, Matt Quin wrote this in 2010: link + pdf). What many people aren’t aware of is that back in 2010, my fledgling business was largely a hobby – something that was part of my life, but not my entire source of income, nor my exclusive focus.

All that changed in 2013 when I was able to wind up my other work (with the exception teaching at Western University where I have been teaching E-Commerce Strategy for over a decade) and dedicate myself full-time to Since then, we’ve been involved in innovative projects and collaborated with some wonderfully creative people. We’ve done great work in video, and we’re proud of the stories we’ve been invited to tell.

With age comes wisdom, and the team and I have been thinking about what’s next for us. We realized that what we really care about is telling authentic, compelling, and moving stories about our community – and the world we live in – and we don’t necessarily need to tell them with video. In fact, we think some stories will be better told in other formats.

Enter 2017. We’ve got a plan, and we’re rolling it out as fast as we can. The short version is that we’re evolving from a “Video Production Company” into a “Story Studio.” You’ll see us branching out into other formats, like podcasts, blogs, Web Documentary, and new, immersive media like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Stay tuned to this blog, plus follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as we continue to develop and grow our stories.

From those early days when I occupied a tiny office at Western’s Research Park to today, located in our modern studio in downtown London, has enjoyed great success, wonderful partners and team members, and a profoundly supportive community. All of us on the team at are excited to continue to share this journey with you in creative and compelling new ways.